Public General Directorate for Persons Records - Bucharest is formed, organized and it runs in the virtue of the following normative acts:

  • The law nr 372/2002;
  • O.U.G. nr. 50/2004;
  • HCGMB nr.255/2004 aprobation of the organizational structure;
  • H.G. 2104/2004;
  • The nr. 84/2001 writ according to formation, the management and the functionality of the public services of evidencing people;
  • The Law nr. 119/1996 according to marital status;
  • The Law nr. 544/2001 for free access to the information of public interest;
  • Methodological norm for implementing the law 544/2001 for free access to the information of public interest;
  • The 215/ 2001 law according to the local public administration;
  • The 52/2003 Law regarding superficial decisions in the public administration;
  • Governments decisions 1085/2003 for introducing some provisions of the law number 161/2003 regarding some mesures for the fully public operation in the business area, the prevention and the enforcement of corruption, according to the National Electronic System;
  • The Government’s decision 585/2002, annex including National Standards of Protection of Classified information in Romania;
  • The emergency order 153/2002 regarding the organization and operating of the National Registry for Classified State Information;

The order nr. 84 from 30 august 2001 regarding the establishment, organization and the running of the common public services of persons recordings

After the provesions from article 107 from the Romanian Constitution and art.1 poin IV from the Law number 324/2001 according the ability to send orders, The Government of Romania adoptet the following order:

First Chapter: General dispositions

Article 1.

(1) Common public services of recording persons, still named community public services, are organized at local council level, common level, town and cities, also at the level of county council, and of cource at a capital level for Bucharest.

(2) Community public services assures the establishing. keeping, recording and delivering, in sole counter of the marriage status papers, id cards, vote cards, permanent election lists, driving licenses and certificates of incorporation of the vehicle, also the passport releasing.

Art.2 Coordonation and methodological control of the community public service is assured in a uniform basis of assessment by theNational Direction for Persons Records.

Art.3 Common public services for persons records and the Inspectorate are co-operating with the institution assigned in the public order domain, national safety and protection, according to the law.

II Chapter : Common public services for persons recordings

Art. 4

(1) It is formed in the subordination of the local councils and commons, cities and towns, common public services for persons records, still named Common public services, using the reorganization of the departments of marriage status from inside the local council and the local forming of person records from the structure of the Ministry of Administration and Interior.

(2) Local common public services are formed even in the districts of the capital, Bucharest, using the reorganization of the departments of marital status from it’s very own local council of the districts of Bucharest, as well as the action of recording persons of the capital Bucharest from the structure of the Ministry of Administration and Interior.

Art. 5 Local common public services have the following main attributions:

a) releases, based on a sole counter system, marriage status certificates, id cards, election cards, simple passports, driving licenses and certificates of registration for vehicles.

b) it registers the documents for marriage status, also the mentions and modifications that occurred in the marriage status, in residence of the person, in the terms of the law.

c) organizing and keeping the register for marital status, in the terms of the law.

d) Organizes, completes, rectifies, cancels or reconstructs the papers of marital status, also any other mention done on a marital status bassis and on the id card, in the terms of the law.

e) Represents, updates and administrates the Local Register for Persons Records that contains the identification and adress data of the citizen having the residence in the territorial area of the community publical service.

f) Provides, in the terms of the law, identification and adress data of the persons to the central public authorities and institutes, local, district, economical agents and to citizens

g) Makes the permanent election lists

h) Observes the contraventions and apply penalties, following the law

i) Receive applications and documents necessary to release the simple passports, driving license and forwards them, on case, to the common public services for releasing and checking the passports, or by case, driving license.

j) Receive simple passports, driving licenses and certificates of registration of the vehicle made by the county community public services or by Bucharest, which they give to the solicitants.

k) Hold the registers of evidence for every category of documents released

Art 6

(1) It is formed, in the subordination of the county council, Common public services for counties for persons records, by the reorganization of the marriage status services right from the inner-council of the county, likewise in the evidence of the population office and the drivers licence regime and the certificate of vehicle registration form the county services of informatizezed evidencing of the person form the structure of the Interior Minister

(2) It is formed, under the subordination of the General Council of the Bucharest City, community public service for evidence of the people of the Bucharest City through the reorganization of the marriage status service from the inner- tool of the General Council of the Bucharest City, as well as the sectors of evidencing the population and the regime for driving licences and certificates of registration for vehicles within the Service of informatizized Evidencing of a person of Bucharest City from the structure of the Ministry of Administration and Interior.

(3) Community public services from the county, specificly the ones for Bucharest City, work as public institutions for county interest, specifically munincipal, with a juridical personality.

Art. 7

(1) Community public services, especially of Bucharest, accomplishes the following prior attributions:

a) represents, updates and improves the County Register for Persons Records and the County Register of tracking the certificates of registration for vehicles and driving licences.

b) Coordinates and controls methological the activity of the common public services.

c) Controls the system of arranging and preparation of the registers of marriage status and of the permanent election lists.

d) Assures the production and emission of the marital status certificates, of the id cards, drivers licence and the certificates of registration for vehicles, also of the vote cards.

e) Monitors and controls theobediance of the legal stipulations in the assurance of the personal data protection.

f) Administrates the material resources and utilities necessary for the personal activities

g) Keeps the evidence and save the marital status registers, second copy, and performs mentions on them, according to the communications.


Organizing and operating the One Stop Desk can be realized unitary, based on a metheology approved by the order of the Public Administration Ministry.

Art. 9

(1) The staff of the local formation of persons Records, specifically from the Service of Persons Records of Bucharest City from the Ministry of Administration and Interior, that handles the services public community, locally, on counties and of the Bucharest City, it is considered transferred in job duty.

(2) The Payment of the staff working in services of public communities, local, county –related and capital-related, is determinated by the legal stipulations of that year.

(3) The Organizations structure, class division, the number of the staff and the regulations of administration and operation of the public services are established by the decisions of local boards, county boards and even the General Council of Bucharest City, with the approval of the Inspectorate.

(4) The activity of the public services of personal reports is coordinated by the General Secretary of Bucharest, by the County’s Secretary, by the district of Bucharest, city and common.

Art. 10 For a unitary appliance of the legal stipulations at an administrative-territorial unit the Govern will approve the methodology according which the criteria’s of the number of classes from the interior of the public community, patrimonial constitution and manager of human resources, financial and material.

CHAPTER III: National Inspectorate for Persons Records

Chapter IV: Financial and material assurance

Art. 20

(1) Financing the current costs and the capital of the public services is assured by the extra-budgetary incomes , also from allocations from local budgets, depending on the case

(2) Financing the current costs and capital of the Inspectorate is assured by the extra-budgetary incomes amd from allocations from the State

Art. 21 The Inspectorate, specially the community public services, administrates in a extra0budgetary regime, following the law, the incomes obtained from the activity of document release, filling up forms or supplying, following the law, of the personal data of an individual also from donation and financing.

Art. 22 Releasing taxes of the documents and supplying data from the registers of public service administration and of the Inspectorate are unique for the entire national territory and is approved by the decision of the Public Administration Ministry, at the proposal of the Inspectorate, conform the law.

Art. 23 Raw materials needed in the production of the documents, the special prints and the technical plans used in an evident activity of a person is acquired by the inspectorate, conform the law. Chapter V: Final Dispositions

Art. 24 Mobile and immobile belongings, public or private property of the State, in the administration of the Ministry of Administration and Interior, destinated to regulated activities through present ordinances proceed in the Public Administration Ministry account or in the usage of the commune of the Public Administration Ministry and the Ministry of Administration and Interior.

Art. 25 In the administrative-territorial units where no Person Report formations are active there will be phased organised , along with the enecessary resources, acoording the law.

Article 26

(1) The following ordonnance will be submitted in the law at 1 January 2002.